Monday, December 12, 2005

Photomosics :: More Experiments

Photomosics :: More Experiments
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Returning to the experiment I started last week, I have been taking a number of time lapse photos (using the night scene setting on my camera, which leave the shutter open up to 4 seconds) from a moving bus in the early mornings. Of course the images are blurred and streaked out, but the colours and the abstract patterns are pretty amazing. I like the effects such "abstract" photos can create when you combine them, and add repeating paterns as in he examples below. (I used the picture grid feature in picasa's collage maker, and gimp for the grids)

Picasa collage jigsaw overlay with GIMP pattern filter

Picasa collage GIMPmosaic

Picasa collage modified using GIMPmosaic
You may need to click onto the larger image to fully appreciate these

This post preceded photofriday topic :Blur by a few months but I'll put a retro-link back here now
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